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    Engineers wanted to plant 1 billion trees at a time. APPLY NOW.


    We are going to counter industrial scale deforestation using industrial scale reforestation.

    Our thanks to Zee for making this video.


    We use emerging technologies to deliver precision planting and mapping to increase the uptake rates and the likelihood of healthy forest development.


    There are a variety of tree-planting techniques, including planting by hand and delivering dry seeds by air. However, hand-planting is slow and expensive, and spreading dry seeds results in low uptake rates.


    Our solution balances these two methods. First, by using precision agriculture techniques, we increase uptake rates. Second, our scalable, automated technology significantly reduces the manpower requirements and costs. Finally, our mapping UAVs will also provide invaluable intelligence on planting patterns, landscape design and appropriate timing.


    An integrated system for mapping, reforestation and monitoring. View the system here.

    BioCarbon Engineering - Mapping


    BioCarbon Engineering gathers detailed terrain data in order to produce high-quality 3D maps of farmland, plantations and areas to be restored. 

    BioCarbon Engineering - Planting


    Using the mapping data, our planting UAVs carry out precision planting activities, leading to high up-take rates and mission flexibility.

    BioCarbon Engineering - Monitoring


    Planting audits will be conducted through the use of our mapping devices. This information will help to provide assessments of ecosystem health over time.




    Read more about our progress and mission here!

    All Posts

    BioCarbon Engineering - Lauren Fletcher

    Lauren Fletcher


    Lauren is a Physics PhD candidate, holds an M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering and has 20 years of experience as an Engineer at NASA.



    BioCarbon Engineering - Matthew Ritchie

    Matthew Ritchie


    Matthew is an MBA, CFA, CA with experience at investment bank Macquarie Group, and startups in the Asia Pacific Region.



    BioCarbon Engineering - Susan Graham

    Susan Graham

    VP Engineering

    Susan holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and holds combined Bachelors degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science. 



    Elena Fernández-Miranda

    Plant Sciences

    Elena holds a PhD in Plant Physiology having completed her bachelors in Biology, specializing in plant biotechnology.



    BioCarbon Engineering - Irina Fedorenko

    Irina Fedorenko


    Irina is a PhD candidate in Geography and the Environment, holds a Masters of Science in Environmental Policy, holds a Degree in Marketing and Advertising and has extensive restoration experience around the globe.




    BioCarbon Engineering - Shuning Bian

    Shuning Bian


    Shuning is a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering and holds undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics.





    BioCarbon Engineering - Martin Tengler

    Martin Tengler


    Martin is an MA in Economics candidate and holds an MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy. He has worked on CSR and GHG-reduction for Anheuser-Busch InBev and the World Resources Institute in India.




    James Murray

    Business Development

    James holds an MSc in International Business and an MA in Transatlantic Studies and International Relations.



    Graham Taylor

    Plant Sciences

    Graham is a PhD candidate in Horticulture and Plant Product Physiology. Graham holds an MSc in Plant Science having completed a Bachelors of Biological Science with honours.



    Spencer Walker-Fooks

    Mechatronics Engineer

    Spencer holds a Bachelors degree in Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation Engineering.



    Jeremie Leonard

    Drone Engineer

    Jeremie holds a PhD in UAV Swarm Intelligence with an MSc in UAV design and control.



    Batsheva Lazarus

    Media - Advisor

    Batsheva is a documentary producer and holds an MSc. in Media & Communications Governance and a BA in The History of Art & Visual Culture.



    Michael Niklaus

    Plant Sciences - Intern Student

    Michael is a PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Bioscience and holds a Masters degree in Biotechnology and Statistical Data Analysis.




    Andrew Bonneau

    Restoration - Intern Student

    Andrew is pursuing a MSc in Environmental Governance with experience in restoration and green energy.




    Join the BioCarbon team.

    GIS Data Scientist

    GIS Data Scientist

    Job Reference Number: E0014

    Full Time Employment


    The principal role of the GIS data scientist is to combine satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or ‘drone’) data sets, develop algorithms and frameworks to classify biological features, and work with engineers to integrate outputs into a UAV-based planting system. This role will include in-field data collection and analysis as well as in-house data analytics. The GIS data scientist will work with customers to understand requirements as well as hardware and software engineers to integrate results into a larger framework. Visual and multispectral data sets, among others, will be used to analyse soil characteristics, plant health and plant classification, and map hydrology using digital elevation models (DEM).



    Please see full job description here: GIS Data Scientist Job Description

    Flight Control Engineer

    Flight Control Engineer

    Job Reference Number: E0015

    Full Time Employment


    The principal role of the Flight Control Engineer will be to develop software for BioCarbon Engineering’s aerial vehicle (UAV or ‘drone’). This role will involve designing for multiple UAVs and multiple sensor sets. The Flight Control Engineer will simulate the UAV system; design, code and test the software; and support in-field flight testing.



    Please see full job description here: Flight Control Engineer Job Description

    Project Manager

    Project Manager

    Job Reference Number: E0016

    Full Time Employment


    The principal role of the Project Manager is to oversee the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or ‘drone’) planting and mapping operations across restoration projects in multiple regions. This role will involve procurement and logistics management for supply of materials and hardware; understanding regulatory requirements; customer relationship management; scheduling and tracking of projects and tasks; in-field project management covering both engineering and plant science teams; and planting operations optimisation.



    Please see full job description here: Project Manager Job Description


    BioCarbon Engineering’s founder, ex-NASA engineer Lauren Fletcher and his team recognise that emerging technologies including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones), remote sensing and machine learning can be combined to enable rapid landscape reforestation and restoration.


    Currently, over 6.5 billion trees are lost each year due to human activities and natural disasters. At the UN Climate Summit, a commitment was made to restore 350m hectares of degraded and deforested land by 2030 (estimated to require up to 300bn trees to be planted), it is clear that traditional planting techniques will need help in order to achieve these targets. The 2016 COP21 climate conference in Paris reaffirmed the need to take urgent action to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.


    “Our technology is making it easier for ecosystem restoration groups, mining companies and forestry groups, both private and public, to plant the trees, where they need them, at a fraction of the time and cost”, says Fletcher.


    In addition to planting, the company’s systems gather highly detailed terrain data. This is being used by customers to help manage their land, while post-planting audit capabilities will also be offered. BioCarbon Engineering was founded in 2014, and is based in Oxford, UK.


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