• Applications

    Why plant by drone?

    Overcome challenging environments

    • Direct road access not required to manage sites.
    • Work can continue in harsh conditions.
    • Risk reduction through remote devices.
    • Plant and monitor places that are logistically challenging.

    Manageable large-scale projects

    • Multiple drones per site multiplies their efficiency and increases time/cost savings.
    • Fully automated mapping and planting reduces logistics chain.
    • Quick deployment and cheap replacement ensures maximum work rate.

    Fast precision planting

    • High accuracy planting mechanism allows for regulatory or optimum spacing of trees.
    • High resolution aerial mapping provides highly accurate crown analysis and health analysis via machine learning.
    • Low-cost long-term monitoring ensures ongoing accurate intelligence from the project.

    Entire ecosystem restoration

    • High accuracy of planting mechanism allows planned planting locations.
    • Wide catalogue of plant grasses, shrubs, and trees.
    • Planting mechanism compatible with multiple species types and optimised for actual site soil conditions for all geographies.
    • High resolution mapping provides data for on-going analysis and monitoring of ecosystem health.
    • Machine learning and enhances understanding of ecosystem restorations.
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