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BioCarbon Engineering 'down under'

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An except from a recent news article. Read the full story here. Credit to ABC News Australia.

New South Wales, Australia

BioCarbon has tested its drone technology around the world and was recently in Dungog, in the New South Wales Hunter region.

This involved trialling their seed-spreading drone to rehabilitate land once used by coal mines.

This drone — while not as efficient as the firing drone — spreads seeds over a far wider area.

'Coal mines have an enormous amount of land that they need to restore, both on the active mine site, once they've recreated a land form, as well as their offset areas ... around the mines,' Dr Graham said.

'We've had quite a lot of interest in Australia and they see such a benefit in terms of saving cost, saving time, and being able to do a better job of restoring their ecosystems, and getting data to actually show what they've done.'

Dr Susan Graham and her team

Dr Graham and her team. Credit: ABC News, Dave Maguire

In Dungog, it was tested to see how it performed on a steep hillside.

'Tractors find it very difficult over steep and undulating land,' Dr Graham said. 'It becomes very dangerous to get a tractor onto a steep hillside.'

'However, a drone doesn't matter, it's already in the air, it's already flying the shape of the land.'

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