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Forbes: How plant technology can save the world

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An except from a recent news article. Read the full story here. Credit to Forbes contributor Lilly Knoepp

BioCarbon Engineering is working on a plant-based solution to global scale deforestation which contributes to climate change. Graham says that if we can plant 500 billion trees on the Earth, then we will offset all human carbon emissions.


"In terms of climate change, people say 'Oh no, we're going to die and cook to death.' But we are saying, 'No, no, if we get 500 billion trees in the ground we will fix the deforestation,'" says Graham.


Don't worry, no one has to dig 500 billion holes. Instead, the trees will be planted by drones. Graham is also working to save the world with an even more unlikely partner than robots -- mining companies who want to restore their land.

Susan Graham is Forbes '30 under 30' and CTO of BioCarbon Engineering, which leverages existing drone and remote sensing technology for industrial scale reforestation. It's aim is to reverse deforestation by using drones to plant trees, with a goal of planting 1 billion trees a year.

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