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Myanmar mangrove restoration takes flight

BioCarbon's second visit to Myanmar sparks further interest from the United Nations

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Extract from a news article in The Irrawaddy newspaper and a video from the Worldview Impact Foundation.

UPDATE: watch us live on Al Jazeera here:

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8 February 2018 - YANGON — Environmentalists in Myanmar used to plant mangroves by hand. On Wednesday, however, the Worldview International Foundation staged a drone-planting demonstration in Yangon with plans for a pilot project in the Irrawaddy delta.

Myanmar has lost at least 1 million hectares of mangrove forest over the past several decades, making it more vulnerable to cyclones and climate change.

UN Environment Executive Director Erik Solheim, who attended the demonstration, told The Irrawaddy that mangroves provide critical habitat for fish and can prevent large waves stirred up by tropical cyclones from reaching deep inland and saltwater from invading farmland.

International experts say growing more mangroves could also help tackle global warming because they can store two to four times more carbon dioxide than most other tropical forests.

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