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National Geographic:

5 things people are doing to restore the planet

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BioCarbon Engineering has recently been featured, for the second time, in National Geographic. Read the full story here.
Credit to National Geographic writer Daniel Stone

The Anthropocene. That’s the name that is starting to be used to describe the current epoch of Earth’s history. The “anthro,” of course, refers to how people have altered the planet. The dire effects of human activity—climate change and pollution, to name a couple—are well-known.

But we are also learning how to make the planet a better place, as the examples here demonstrate. Advances in technology have enabled people to farm more efficiently, reclaim water more effectively, and replenish distressed land. In his “Anthropocene” series, photographer David Ellingsen combines relics of the human and natural worlds. The works reflect both hope and concern about how our species is remaking the planet.

1. Tree delivery
Can drones fight deforestation? Engineers at U.K.-based BioCarbon Engineering have developed seed-depositing drones designed to plant a billion trees a year. More nimble than current aerial methods, the drones can reach places humans can’t. [...]

Other companies featured included:

  • The Ocean Cleanup
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Plenty
  • ViaFauna
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