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Our Approach to Land Restoration

We are often asked about our approach to environmental restoration and we are working on it day and night in order to create a truly game-changing solution. While coming up with a perfect strategy that can address all of nature’s diversity and complexity is not easy, we believe that it is possible, and there are several factors that are in place to make it a success.

First, the political will is in place to restore global forests and to combat desertification and Climate Change. The policy proposals which lend support toward restorative action provide a framework for undoing the decades of degradation befallen on forests and their associated ecosystems around the world. BioCarbon aims to support this momentum and help direct it in the most efficient and effective manner; ensuring that key investments in this area have the greatest impact.

Second, in the past, questions regarding restoration have focused on the what, why, and where, but recently answers to these inquiries have became available. In 2011, The World Resources Institute (WRI), together with partners at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and researchers at the University of Maryland developed a restoration map showing key areas around the globe where forest landscape restoration could take place. The question is therefore now focusing on the “how” of what restoration will look like. BioCarbon Engineering stands to answer this final question, with a uniq