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Bringing our drones to the table at the 21st Conference of The Parties

The 21st Conference of the Parties has come to an end in Paris. The whole world now is cheering The Agreement.

This event attracted 38,000 delegates and it is understandably hard to sum up something of that magnitude in a single blog post.

Nevertheless, we wanted to provide you with as much insight into our experience there as possible. It is essential that our global  @BioCarbonEng #1billiontrees supporters understand how important it is that every one of you are a part of this conversation.

BioCarbon Engineering sent two bold delegates from our team. Lauren Fletcher, our CEO and Irina Fedorenko our Restoration Adviser packed their bags and went off to Paris to present BioCarbon Engineering in front of the world’s climate community (no small feat!). It’s hard to get a real sense of how large this event was, but this video virtual tour might lend some understanding of magnitude and bravery it took to participate in this space.

Irina and Lauren are highlighting the key elements of BioCarbon Engineering’s experience at COP21 that are relevant to ecosystem restoration, and of course, drones.


The BioCarbon planting drone was exhibited at the main COP21 site, at the Shamengo pavilion with Polyter, a leading innovator in soil productivity and plant growth.


BioCarbon also proudly hosted an “An Ecological Drone” workshop. The workshop directly followed Polyter’s  roundtable discussion on the use of the Polyter gel. This gel helps achieve higher yields in farming while saving energy and water.

Lauren instantly drew a large crowd when he explained how the alliance of the two innovations could really scale up land restoration.


No. You didn’t read that wrong;) The Ecological Drone Workshop lead directly into an arts and crafts session.  

Why? You might ask…. The answer is simple.

All of our events took place in the Climate Generations Area which was situated alongside the main negotiations complex of Le Bourget. The Climate Generations Area served as a spot for the negotiators to take their minds off the agreement. It was sort of a creative design-thinking hub where they could see visuals of the different issues that were at stake. Because of this, The Climate Generations Area was host to all civil society organisations like WWF, businesses like Google, and international organisations like IUCN (consider inserting their main websites and featuring in our tweets).


Making “change-making” fun

In addition to all of the phenomenal workshops, talks, events and presentations in The Climate Generations Area….there were also...bicycles!

These bicycles were used to create the energy in the venue! They powered the sound system and were  even used to squeeze the juice! Trop cool!

It was these small, unique and light-hearted touches that made this an approachable and collaborative environment, despite the gravitas of the event.  We are sure that an atmosphere such as this - where the officials of the highest ranks got to mingle with the civil society representatives (not to mention Lauren and Irina!) while pedalling for a smoothie- played a part in achieving such an ambitious agreement;)


After leaving the main site, Lauren & Irina headed to the Palais de Congres, in the centre of Paris.  BioCarbon’s representatives were there to take part in the Global Landscapes Forum. This is the largest COP21 event that is focused on ecosystem restoration.

With around 4000 participants the event covered most of the aspects of landscapes restoration: from responsible investment to industrial farming, community engagement, and the impact of peatlands on carbon cycle. The presence of our drones was a surprise to no one, which was a great thing! Big win for BioCarbon! Cutting-edge restoration scientists are already using drones to map large forest areas. Check out this super cool community conservation project in Indonesia . Mr. Abdon Nababan, Secretary General of the Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance of the Archipelago gave an excellent presentation on it at the Global Landscapes Forum

Probably one of the most exciting parts of this piece of our experience is that almost everyone had already heard about The BioCarbon Engineering Mission through various media channels. We need to thank all of our supporters for this, it is you guys who are getting us there @BioCarbonEng #1billiontrees. Those who pledge to restore 500 million hectares of land already know about the opportunities that cutting edge technology can provide! Encouraging news!

We understand that the tendency is to blame politicians for lacking efficiency and being unable to come to agreements on important issues. However, after a week at COP21, we certainly left with a more sympathetic view for those in charge of negotiations!  

Everyone is overloaded with endless amounts of critical information, contradictory party positions, and data that is difficult to ingest all at once. How exhausting that must be to get the whole world on board!


BioCarbon applauds the COP21 deal and is looking forward to help implementing the ambitious commitments on land restoration, even if our contribution is small -#1billiontrees at a time.

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