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    Overview of operations


    Increase awareness

    The aim of the mapping phase is to gather as much information about the area of interest as possible. This includes data such as:

    • Surface topology and slope angles
    • Surface composition and obstructions
    • Vegetative indices
    • Soil type and moisture


    Plant faster and more efficiently than ever

    The information gathered from the mapping phase is processed to create an optimised planting pattern over the area of the interest. The new trajectory will avoid the known obstructions, unplantable soil areas and existing trees. Analysis of the soil nature, moisture and density will help decide which seeds should be planted. Since it is generally advantageous to have a heterogeneous mix of tree species planted in the same area, the planting UAV is capable of carrying a mix of seeds and control their planting pattern.​

    • Planting frequency: < 6 seconds
    • Multi-species carrying capacity: Yes
    • Can plant in multiple soil types: Yes

    Biodegradable seedpods

    Delivering the perfect package

    Fully biodegradable, designed to ensure high germination rates and customised to application.

    • Degradation time matched to germination rate.
    • Can carry multiple seed types and sizes.


    Ongoing awareness and protection

    The monitoring phase is very similar in operation to the mapping phase. The UAV gathers similar data several times after planting and monitors the evolution of the site compared to the previous monitoring flight's information recorded.

    Data collection

    Enhancing and expanding possibilities and knowledge

    The data from the monitoring and mapping phases is then crunched by BioCarbon's machine learning algorithms, which analyse the data before the next round of planting.

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